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Google Adwords

Adwords is a big online marketing service provided by Google. We have opportunity to cover 100% of the internet users when we are with Google Adwords, as it holds big network of marketing partners.

Why You Need Online Marketing

When you advertise on traditional marketing methods like TV, Radio, and Press you can not get the exact statistic that, how many people watch that ad and how many people reacted to that ad, but online marketing is 100% traceable. We can track how many people viewed our ad, How many people clicked our ad and visited to our site. Most importantly we can track that, how many people bought something on our site through paid campaign. This is one of most powerful features that, we got in Google Adwords.

We can Target

1) Impressions – Best for brand awareness
2) Clicks – Adwords will only charge you, if someone click on your ad. The clicks will drive you traffic to your website and they may purchase on your site.
3) Conversions – Conversions are the powerful targeting method in Google Adwords. When we target Conversions Adwords will only charge. if someone purchase on your site. This we call ROI (Return on Investment) in order to enable conversions we must be running the ads to get the history.

Why Choose Us

We got more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing. We research your business and make the best ads for your products and service. Nowadays paid marketing techniques improved a lot with lot's of features. Inorder to get the best out from that, every company needs a PPC manager to achieve their business goal. We are here to make the best optimized campaign for your product which will show top on Google search results page and display your campaign at Google partner website's. As we are expert in Google Adwords, we can setup and install all the codes that need to run the ads and track the user activities.

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Adwords Certification From Google

Adwords Paid Campaign (Monthly Budget)

  • Minimum 4 Month Contract
  • Analytics Report

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Adwords Paid Campaign (One Time Budget)

  • One time account setup fee 25,000 LKR
  • Minimum budget is 50.000 LKR
  • Analytics Report

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Custom Adwords Campaign

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