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We are dedicated to provide you the best SEO in Sri lanka to rank top on Google for your targeting keyword. Our SEO specialists have more than 10 years of experience. We are not a web design company to provide SEO as an optional or second service, but we are a dedicated SEO company in Sri Lanka to provide you a professional and advance SEO and all kind of online marketing service. We are the right choice for small business or big e-commerce site who looking to get organic traffic and paid traffic from search engine and social media.
We run paid campaign on Google, Bing search engine and all social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Our Google certified marketing specialists will setup your campaign for pay per click or CPM in search network or display network with the deep understanding of Adrank factors and additional Adwords features.
We are the only SEO company in Sri lanka to provide the dedicated search engine optimization for big companies, at the same time for small businesses too. Our well designed SEO packages are starting from 5,000 LKR to 40,000 LKR only for local targeting campaign, with short term contract period of six month. We are flexible on task based payments, if you want to get it done a particular task like on page audit or backlink research, We charge for the task only and there is no contract. Webdaa.com is the only SEO company to provide flexible service and best SEO price in Sri Lanka.
Keyword research is the first task before going for any search engine marketing methods. Webdaa.com has been created more than 1000 keyword research and analysis report for our clients. Our clients loved the report very much as the keyword research report given to them for free along with the SEO and Adwords proposals.

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Adwords Service in Sri Lanka

Get visitors to your website with paid campaign, and our SEM specialists will convert that visitor into sucessfull buyer. We are certified search marketers & will bring you more return from low budget.

SEO Sri Lanka

We provide SEO to all size of website that, from small business to large e-commerce site. Our SEO packages starting from 5,000 only, and we are the only company, who provide short term contract period in Sri Lanka.

Advance SEO

We give an estimate of ranking position, that you can achieve by our advance strategies and techniques. This service is provided for people who looking to rank top and beat the competitors in organic search results.

Website Analytic

Analytics will help to track a website and analyze the traffic. We are expert in installing goals and advance tracking tags into website. We are certified Google search marketer and holding Analytics certification.

Keyword Ranking Report

Keyword ranking report is must for a website in order to take important decisions. Our keyword position report data is accurate, and we can send you report daily or weekly basis.

Social Media Marketing

Same as search engines, social media also better place for paid marketing, as we can target younger audience in Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We can target more accurate audience on socila media.

Website SEO Audit

Our world class SEO audit will check more than 300 SEO checklist on your site. We perform our audit in three levels, first we check technical errors. Our second audit will check accessibility & performance of a site. Third audit is to check how the pages are optimize for targeting keywords.

Backlink Prospects Database

Do you have backlink prospects database and solid SEO and paid marketing strategy to compete in the search engine. We own large database of link prospects under major 12 categories, and we can perform a dedicate backlink research for your site.

Advance SEO

SEO is a process where, we need to fight with our competitors forever. As a professional digital marketing service provider, we always research your competitors and manage your campaign to rank top on Google.


Google Certification

Google Search Certification

We have more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing. We have participated in Google partner program and holding Google Adwords Certification after completing the several exams.
In order to gain the Google Certification, we must understand the internet, how search engines works, content quality, ad rank, bidding, audience, and much more to serve the client better. Holding this certification will prove that we know A to Z of online marketing and we can get you best return on your investment.

See Our Google Certification
Analytics Certification

Google Analytics Certification

Analyze the website traffic is very important to take decisions and to know how users react on the website. Analytic systems improved a lot, as there are advance tags and code that needs to be integrate with website like set goals, track user behavior, and more. It may be little hard to handle for yourself. We are certified as an Analytic expert by Google. We will do advance analytic service in order to get you all the data's that you need to take decisions on your investments and other changes.

View Our Analytics Certification
Bing Paid Campaign Management

Bing Paid Campaign Management

Webdaa is a Digital Marketing agency in Sri Lanka with more than 10 years of experience in Bing paid campaign management.

Expert in Google Tag Manager

Expert in Google Tag Manager

Tag Manager is a Google product, where we can handle all website tags in one place. We will handle it for you, as it's an advance system. Tag manager will help to manage all your tags in one place and it helps to implement advance goals on Google Analytics and other advertising programm.

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Major Categories

Keyword Report Created

Keyword Researched

How We Work

You contact us, with your choice of our SEO package or any other marketing service.

We only ask you 2 things from you, first we ask about your targeting website, and second a little information about your business.

We create you a SEO proposal with free complete keyword research and analysis report for your SEO campaign.

The keyword research report will contain list of keywords, which related to your business. Specially we suggest 5 to 10 keywords, that mostly relating your product or service.

Finally, you pick the targeting keyword according to the SEO package you would like to go with us, and confirm the project by agreeing to pay 6 month advance.

Please refer the SEO package details here, and for adwords payment details please click here.

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